Bigg’s grocery stores extends its offerings to include more local vendors

CINCINNATI Bigg’s is reaching out and extending its retail offerings to include more locally-produced products, local reports said this weekend.

Jimmy Nichols, vice president of merchandising and marketing for bigg’s told local reporters that to keep up with big box stores, his company is towing the line to offer quality, convenience and variety.

Bigg’s faces heavy competition from grocery giant Kroger in the Southwest Ohio region. The company has said that it stays in business against giants like Kroger by having an aggressive pricing strategy and working to maintain customer loyalty across its 11 stores by adopting a strategy that places grocery next to household items and other day-to-day goods while keeping prices low, company spokespersons told the media.

The bigg’s strategy for extending its hold on local shoppers means also making shelf space for local vendors, an approach that seems to be proving effective, reports said.

Bigg’s has extended shelf space to wine-maker Tino Vino Vintners of East Hyde Park and Possets Perfume, to name a few, the report said.

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