Bic teams up with House Party to promote women's disposable razors line

NEW YORK — Bic has teamed up with House Party, a marketing company that specializes in delivering products into the homes of consumers via "party packs," to promote its Bic Soleil women's disposable razors for summer. Under the partnership, Bic is hosting 1,000 parties across the country in the homes of target consumers on June 4.

House Party owns a proprietary database of nearly 1 million party hosts who come from all corners of the country and all demographics. Through this database, Bic can target the specific consumers it wants to reach. The party hosts then invite 10 to 15 members of their family and friends to their event.

Hosts and guest shares stories and recommendations with their online and offline social networks, so the idea is that a party in 1,000 homes can inspire millions of brand conversations. According to House Party, an in-home engagement with brands leads to significant returns. On average, brands get a 35% lift in favorability, a 34% lift in their intent to recommend and a 31% lift in their intent to purchase, according to House Party. By the end of 2011, House Party expects to exceed 1 million social media photos and 10,000 hours of social media video.

Other companies that have partnered with House Party include Little Debbie, Weight Watchers, Fisher Price, Canon, Smucker's, Sargento, Oscar Mayer, Febreze and Kraft.

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