BI-LO Pharmacies to process Tennessee drug card

CHATTANOOGA , Tenn. In an effort to make one state’s healthcare initiative accessible to all, BI-LO Pharmacies has agreed to process customers who are unable to access Tennessee’s new online discount prescription program, officials said Tuesday.

The Tennessee Drug Card, which was launched earlier this week, is accessible to all underinsured or uninsured residents who seek discounts on their prescription medications. Because the initiative is Internet-based, many Tennesseans in need of the discount have may trouble accessing it if they do not have a computer. BI-LO Pharmacies, however, encourages patrons that do not have a card in hand to visit one of their stores, mention the program and receive a discount on their medications, officials said.

While there are over 900 pharmacies in the state of Tennessee that participate in the program, BI-LO pharmacies has become more involved by helping out those customers without a card in hand. Currently, there are a total of 18 BI-LO pharmacies in the state.

The Tennessee Drug Card is an initiative established through the partnership between United Networks of America and pharmacy companies that work to deliver affordable drug prices to individuals lacking prescription benefits, officials stated. Tennessee Drug Card has also aligned with non-profit group Health Access America to inform the public about the availability of these discounts.

“By working with Tennessee Drug Card on this initiative, we saw the opportunity to reach out to the communities we operate in and help folks save some money on their prescriptions,” said BI-LO regional pharmacy manager Maurice Kopp.

Savings through the program range from 10 percent to 75 percent, depending on the drug. Generic drug discounts average 35 percent to 45 percent, while brand-name drugs average savings of 10 percent to 20 percent, officials said.

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