Bevology relaunches Zenergize healthy drink tabs

SAN FRANCISCO Bevology recently relaunched its effervescent Zenergize Vitamin-InfuZed DrinkTabs, now with no sugar added.

“Consumers continue to seek more convenient ways to integrate nutritional food and beverage products into their on-the-go lifestyles without sacrificing product taste or value” stated Brad Barnhorn, chief executive officer of Bevology. “The DrinkTab category gives consumers a perfect solution that goes where they go and, unlike many of the so claimed healthy beverages, it makes a truly healthy beverage that delivers real, meaningful levels of nutrition without the sugar or calories.”

Zenergize DrinkTabs contain zero grams of sugar, two calories and are formulated with vitamins, minerals and herbal nutrients. The line is comprised of seven SKUs specially formulated to address specific need states, including Immunity, Hydrate, Energy+, Burn, Thrive, Empower and Chill.

The suggested retail price for a tube of 10 Vitamin-InfuZed DrinkTabs is $6.99.

The DrinkTabs are designed to be added to bottled water, and as such the ingredients are released at the time of consumption as compared to bottled and canned beverages-plus-vitamins that can travel through the supply chain for months before reaching the consumer.

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