BestMed unveils anti-snoring device that fits in nose

GOLDEN, Colo. BestMed earlier this month showcased its Brez nasal breathing aids, a device that fits inside the nose and reduces snoring and improves sleep quality, at the ECRM Cough-Cold & Allergy trade event.

Available in three sizes, the device inserts easily into the nose and gently lifts, expands and supports the interior walls of the nasal passages to reduce the resistance of airflow.

Data from an independent clinical study involving 26 snorers (12 men and 14 women) with snoring (non-apneic) bed partners showed that those who used Brez experienced a 52% decrease in snoring events from an average of 1,247 to 654. Snorers who used the device had only a 22.4% likelihood of persistent snoring and disturbing their bed partner's sleep compared with their pre-treatment scores of 100%.  

Equally interesting, 88% of bed partners reported improved sleep quality when the product was used by the snorer," stated George Gwinn, clinical investigator for PsyPharma Global and allergy and pulmonary specialist. "Each day, pharmacists nationwide serve as front-line healthcare providers to help consumers deal with issues such as snoring. Based on these data, it appears that Brez may be an innovative solution that pharmacists can recommend."

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