Bentley to spin off CPEX as independent drug delivery company

EXETER, N.H. Bentley Pharmaceuticals announced Friday that it had filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to spin off its new subsidiary CPEX Pharmaceuticals as an independent, publicly traded company.

As an independent company, CPEX will focus on drug delivery systems research and marketing. Upon completion of the plan, Bentley will focus on the generics pharmaceutical business, though it will provide CPEX with transitional services, including managerial, operational and administrative support, for a period of up to 24 months.

“Filing the Form 10 with the SEC is an important milestone for the planned spin-off of CPEX,” said James Murphy, chairman and chief executive officer of Bentley. “We are pleased with our progress and believe we are on track to complete the spin-off in a timely manner.”

CPEX drug delivery technology, CPE-215 permeation enhancement, has been validated through commercialization of Testim, a testosterone gel marketed by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, and is also currently being used to develop Nasulin, an intranasal insulin product.

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