BeeCeuticals announces earth-friendly packaging

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. BeeCeuticals Organics has announced the launch of an earth-friendly way to package its Hive Five Kits using corn plastic.

“As ex-organic farmers in Maine, this package offers us an opportunity to support fellow U.S. farmers while offering our customers a beautiful package that is good for the environment,” stated Richie Gerber, president of BeeCeuticals Organics. “Many companies, including natural and organic ones, use vinyl bags for their kits even though it is one of the most toxic materials to produce.”

The new case, which contains five travel-size products, is made entirely from 100 percent U.S. grown corn, not foreign petroleum. This material is produced from plastic that consists of polylactide, a corn-base versatile polymer.

Corn plastic is more energy efficient than other plastics and takes 60 percent less fossil fuel to produce. It also comes from yearly renewable resources, is recyclable, and industrially compostable and biodegradable, the company stated.

The Hive Five Kit consists of:

  • USDA Certified Organic Body Balm.
  • The Royal Treatment Facial Cream: 82 percent certified organic ingredients.
  • Bee-Hair-Now Shampoo: 60 percent certified organic ingredients € Bee-Hair-Now Conditioner: 87 certified organic ingredients.
  • Honey Thyme Hand & Body Lotion: 76 percent certified organic ingredients.

All of the items in the kit not only have a high percentage of certified organic ingredients, but also contain the company’s proprietary Organic Holistic Honey Blend. According to the company, the Body Balm is the first-ever personal care product to be USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth & Fair Trade Certified.

For each kit sold, BeeCeuticals Organics pledges to plant a pollinator-friendly tree as part of their Trees for Bees program. The company stated that it has already planted more than 10,000 pollinator-friendly trees worldwide since the launch of the program during National Pollinator Week in June.

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