Bee Movie inspires new honey bottle design

HILLSBORO, Kan. Golden Heritage Foods has released its newest line of honey products, just in time for the buzz of “Bee Movie’s” DVD release. Each of the Dreamworks licensed products was designed to look like a character from Bee Movie—including Barry Bee, whose familiar voice is that of comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

The Barry Bee 2-ounce honey bottle is the first of its size to be carried in grocery stores. It will be stocked nationwide by such retailers as Safeway and Wal-Mart. The creators said it is the perfect size for active families and those on the go.

GHF is also using attention generated by OBee MovieO and the Barry Bee honey bottle to educate consumers about recent threats to honeybee colonies and the importance of bees to the food supply.

Honey and other bee-produced byproducts appear in everything from cereal to lip gloss. GHF said bees are the greatest pollinator in nature, increasing the quality and amount of agriculture produced each year by billions of dollars. Bees are vital to the food supply; such crops s almonds, apples, avocados and several types of berries depend on them for pollination.

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