BeBevCo expands line of relaxation drinks

Bebida Beverage Company today announced that it is expanding its product line, which in January will include the new Relax 5, a 2-oz. orange-flavored relaxation shot that contains a supplement blend with melatonin.

“Relax 5 has a great taste and truly is liquid heaven for those who suffer from stress, anxiety and poor sleep,” said Brian Weber, CEO of BeBevCo.

BeBevCo, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of relaxation and energy drinks, will also be offering a three-tier point-of-sale display system to retailers selling the lineup so they can showcase both the expanding Koma Unwind and Relax 5 shots.

Koma Unwind drinks will be extended and rebranded for the UK as Koma Unwind Zero. The taste will remain the same, but the drink will contain a modified supplement blend to meet the applicable guidelines in UK markets.

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