Beauty, personal care marketers have opportunity to target Latinas, study finds

Hispanics expected to spend $9.1 billion on personal care products by 2015

NEW YORK — Latinas prefer details in beauty products and follow a multi-pronged beauty regimen, according to a new study.

The study of 900 women by Siempre Mujer magazine, a Spanish-language publication that covers beauty, fashion and lifestyles for Latinas, found that 54% of Latinas are likely to seek and trust counsel from brand representatives at department stores, compared with 30% of women in the general population, while 50% of Latinas and 66% of Siempre Mujer readers feel it's important that brand representatives behind the counter speak their language. Meanwhile, 45% of Latinas say celebrity endorsements are an important part of their purchase decisions.

"Latinas are not early adopters who shop everywhere; they are beauty junkies who do their research and want to know all the product details," Siempre Mujer editor-in-chief Maria Marrero said. "Beauty is a state of mind, a fabric of Hispanic culture."

The study, the second released by Meredith Hispanic Ventures, included Latinas, Siempre Mujer readers and non-Hispanic women. It indicated that Latinas outspend women in the general population, with more than 52% spending $25 or more per visit, while other women do so 41% of the time. Popular products include anti-aging, sun protection and fragrances, and 61% of Latinas and 70% of Siempre Mujer readers expressed a desire to try new products, compared with 55% of general population women.

"Marketers have a real opportunity to target Latinas across multiple subcategories of beauty," Meredith Hispanic Ventures VP and publisher Enedina Vega said. "This study clearly identifies actions they can take to develop a deeper connection with the Latina beauty consumer, particularly at retail and at point of purchase." 

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