The beauty of health and wellness

While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, this month's Patient Views seeks to better understand beauty in the eye of the patient. AccentHealth viewers — 73% of which are female — were surveyed as to the relationship between health and beauty, as well as their purchasing of personal care products in the areas of hair care, body care, oral care, cosmetics and more.

Results from the nearly 700-person study, fielded in April 2013, show a meaningful correlation between consumers who are proactive about their health and caring for their physical appearance. Sixty-one percent of respondents indicate that looking their best is an important part of how they measure their overall health; however, this grows to 73% among those who are most proactive about wellness. Among those most proactive, 94% assert that physical appearance is important to them.

Due to this relationship between wellness and beauty, consumers consider the "health quotient" when making purchase decisions. According to respondents:

  • When asked about attributes associated with personal products, "health and wellness" is the most common response, followed by confidence.
  • In addition, health benefits are among the top characteristics playing a role in personal product selection.

AccentHealth finds that more than half of viewers make personal product purchases when filling a prescription at the pharmacy. This is likely attributed to the fact that these types of purchases are most often made at locations of convenience and health destinations — mass merchandisers and chain drug stores. Showing signs for further growth, 69% indicate they would make a personal product purchase at a chain drug store in the future.

The expansion of wellness from pharmacy to the beauty aisle appeals to consumers surveyed. Approximately half of respondents indicate they would take advantage of beauty services (e.g., manicures) offered in-store. Of those, 56% would switch their pharmacy to gain access to such services.

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