Beauty Co. to launch natural skin care line

TORONTO — The Beauty Co. will launch its Kumiko skin care line at the NACDS TSE in Boston on Aug. 23. The Kumiko sponge delivers numerous benefits, the company said. The line is made of natural glucomannan, which comes from the root of the Konjac plant.

"The interest in developing a skin cleansing line from glucomannan reflects our aging population and its commitment to youthfulness. This, along with the reality of facing daily exposure to air borne contaminants have made skin care the strongest growing category in personal care today," said Diane Pitsolis, VP sales for the Beauty Co.

The Kumiko sponge offers a variety of active ingredients that offer unique skin benefits, the company said. The sponge can withstand two to three months of daily use and also is biodegradable.

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