BD Medical launches Emerald syringe line

Syringes designed to protect health, environment

FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J. — BD Medical has launched a line of syringes designed to address medication delivery needs while benefiting the environment, the company said Monday.

BD Medical, a segment of Becton, Dickinson and Co., announced the launch of the BD Emerald Syringe portfolio. The new line includes the BD Emerald Conventional Syringe; the BD Emerald Saf-T, which has a shielding mechanism to prevent needlestick injuries; and the BD Emerald Pro Reuse Prevention Syringe, which prevents reuse through a passive locking system. The Emerald Pro is designed for use in developing countries, though the whole line is designed to reduce medical waste.

"BD recognizes that human health and a healthy environment are inseparable," BD EVP Bill Kozy said. "We are committed to responsible environmental stewardship in our business conduct. The BD Emerald syringes meet our highest standards for product quality while also reducing environmental impact by using sustainable operations practices and less material."

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