Baristas launches new ice cream line

Coconut Lattee, Caramel Cappuccino flavors available in New York City, Washington, Arizona, Florida, Texas

SEATTLE — Baristas Coffee has launched a new line of coffee-flavored ice creams, the company said Friday.

Baristas, based in Seattle, announced the introduction of Baristas Coffee Creations, which includes flavors like Caramel Cappuccino and Coconut Cafe Latte. Caramel Cappuccino is a caramel-swirled ice cream with dark chocolate, while Coconut Cafe Latte is a coconut-swirled ice cream, also with dark chocolate.

"It has been very rewarding to participate in the process of creating a new premium product with the true professionals that took an idea and materialized it into a product that we are very proud of," Baristas CEO Barry Henthorn said. "I want to thank all of the members of the team and other third parties who have assisted in making the Baristas Coffee Creations product line a reality."

The line will initially be available in and around New York and at Baristas locations in Washington, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

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