Barilla, Disney make pasta magical with multiplatform partnership

CHICAGO "The choice of Italy" just got magical.

Barilla's Piccolini pasta has formed a new partnership with Disney, in which Barilla-sponsored games will be on Disney's website for children's use. For the first time, an advertiser has been integrated into the Create Tool's Digital Painter feature with the Play it with Pasta function where children can build custom works of art with pasta-inspired stamps, brush strokes and textures to help bring a child's artistic vision to life, the companies said.

Additionally, with the multiplatform promotion, parents and family members also can schedule 1-of-6 themed, personalized phone calls from such popular Disney characters as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy for their little ones.

"We believe that our partnership offers a variety of activities to help a child thoroughly enjoy all aspects of mealtime, including a special surprise with a personal phone call from a Disney character," said Kirk Trofholz, president of Barilla America. "Barilla is pleased to partner with Disney on this effort. Our miniature-sized Piccolini pasta was created with children in mind. With Disney's help, we will create more magic for kids and parents this summer."

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