Band-Aid, Neosporin celebrate 125 years of the first aid kit

SKILLMAN, N.J. — The topical healthcare brands of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, including Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages and Neosporin products, on Tuesday celebrate the 125th anniversary of the first aid kit. In 1888, J&J pioneered the first commercial first aid kits, which were originally designed to help railroad workers care for the wounds and injuries they received from laying railroad track. To commemorate this milestone, the brands have launched a new campaign to help educate consumers about the importance of first aid preparedness.

According to a recent survey with Wakefield Research, as many as 42% of Americans have been unable to care for an injury because they did not have the first aid supplies on hand, J&J noted. Nearly half (46%) of respondents incorrectly believe that an uncovered wound heals faster than a covered wound and nearly a third (31%) of adults do not own a first aid kit. In fact a majority of respondents (62%) say they do not currently have an emergency preparedness plan in place, including an up-to-date first aid kit, emergency meeting place and copies of important documents.

The Everyday Care campaign kicks off with a partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide that leverages the support of Maggie Gyllenhaal on an initiative to prevent childhood injuries by helping educate children and their caretakers about sports safety.

"We are proud to continue our tradition of helping consumers provide comfort and care to their families every day through our partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide," stated Carmen Nestares, marketing director at J&J Consumer Companies. "Now, when consumers create their custom first aid kits, they are not only contributing to a great cause, they are also better preparing themselves and their families with products that fit their specific needs — whether they are getting ready for a summer trip, camp, sporting activities or simply just updating their medicine cabinets."

To help consumers learn more about the importance of first aid and be better prepared for minor injuries, J&J's Topical Healthcare Brands have created a new microsite that offers important tips as well as coupons for products.

Consumers can support this campaign by creating custom First Aid Kits. When they purchase three or more first aid products they will receive a free first aid bag. For every bag redeemed, the Topical Healthcare Brands will donate to Safe Kids Worldwide.

"With this donation, we will be able to create Sports Safety Clinic Kids' Zones where children will learn important tips such as how to stay properly hydrated, the importance of warming up, how to handle injuries and how to identify a concussion," commented Kate Carr, president and CEO, Safe Kids Worldwide. 

A complete history of the first aid kit is available on J&J's Kilmer House blog

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