Balance Bar, Laurel House partner to help summer travelers find lasting energy on the go

RONKONKOMA, N.Y. – Balance Bar, maker of one of America’s original nutrition energy bars, has partnered with Laurel House, the QuickieChick, to offer an action plan to stay on track and maintain a smart balance of fun and health this summer.

A few of Laurel’s QuickieChick tips for keeping energy levels high and feeling balanced while on the go this summer are below, and a full list can be found on

  • Pack some Balance: Pack a Balance Bar for every day of the trip, including the travel days. By planning ahead, travelers have a portion-controlled snack for the airport or the car, a few to stash in the bag when out exploring the vacation destination and a couple for breakfast when there’s no time to go to a restaurant. (See House’s video on how to pack the ultimate travel snack bag here.);
  • Workout at the airport: Air travel can be a workout in and of itself, especially if you do “carry-on only.” Just the act of traveling can burn an average of 117 calories per hour. Want to burn some more calories? While killing time in the airport, try carry-on bag curls, terminal lunges, calf raises or wall sits. (Check out House’s video with sample exercises here.);
  • Brake for health: Weekend traffic to popular beach and outdoor spots can mean lots of idle time sitting in the car — and that means slowing metabolism and stiff muscles. Take a break every 45 minutes to an hour to get out of the car and stretch. A quick round of lunges, leg and arm stretches will get you refreshed quickly. Pack a nutritious cooler with plenty of water, Balance Bars and some fresh fruit.
  • Drink Skinny: Cocktails can be the ultimate calorie sabotage while on vacation, so watch how many you are having and opt for lower calorie options that still pack a flavor punch. For example, ask for “skinny” margaritas: tequila, fresh-squeezed lime, agave and a little fresh juice or a seltzer float.

With more than 20 flavors to choose from, Balance Bar has summer travelers covered. “Summer is a time for most Americans to relax and stray from their daily routines in all aspects of life, including diet and exercise,” said Katia Facchetti, chief marketing officer for NBTY, the makers of Balance Bar. “We think it’s better to find ‘balance,’ making sure we enjoy all that summer has to offer even while traveling, by keeping up a healthy lifestyle, fitting in time to exercise and making smart snacking choices.”

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