BACtrack launches 'police-grade' breathalyzers into retail

SAN FRANCISCO — BACtrack on Thursday announced multiple partnerships with retailers — including Best Buy, Costco, Urban Outfitters and Walgreens — to begin selling "police-grade" breathalyzers.

“We’ve built a strong online presence through, and and have forged partnerships with Amazon as well as respected multichannel retailers like Best Buy,” stated Keith Nothacker, CEO BACtrack. “But many consumers still prefer and need the immediate convenience of the in-store experience. Through agreements with Walgreens, Best Buy and Costco … we’re working to put BACtrack on every street corner in America.”

Reflecting the need for publicly available tools to gauge intoxication, a July 2013 consumer survey organized by BACtrack showed 7-out-of-10 adult American drinkers think owning a breathalyzer would allow them to estimate when they've had enough to drink. Two-thirds of adult drinkers also believe owning a breathalyzer would lower their risk of getting a DUI.

The National Transportation Safety Board recently proposed that American states reduce the legal blood alcohol content drinking limit from the current .08% BAC to .05% BAC. If states adopt this recommendation, drinkers will be responsible for complying with the new law and will need tools to stay safe and legal, the company noted. 

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