BabySpa takes targeted approach to infant, toddler skin care with new product line

MIAMI — BabySpa has announced the launch of its natural bath and body care collection, which features a "stages" system that targets the changing needs of infants and toddlers as they grow and experience different environments.

BabySpa's "stages" approach was derived from research and validated by dermatologists and European research labs. Babies develop in stages, and with new developmental skills come different levels of activity, environmental exposures and skin protection needs. BabySpa has formulated each product with specific ingredients that address children's unique skin physiology needs throughout their growing years.

Stage-one products are formulated for the extra-sensitive skin in newborns through crawlers when babies spend the majority of their time indoors and are particularly vulnerable to their external environment. Featuring blends of vitamin-rich emollients and millenary botanicals, and infused with the line's signature baby-fresh scent, this initial stage is meant to protect and heal irritations caused by sensitivities to strengthen a baby's delicate skin balance.

Stage-two products are formulated for walkers through preschoolers, providing proper moisture, long-lasting hydration and natural protection from UV rays and changing climatic conditions that affect the skin.

BabySpa stage-one and stage-two products include Soapless body wash, Tearless shampoo, 3-in-1 Tearless shampoo, body wash & moisturizer, Bubble Bath Milk, Moisturizing body lotion, Soothing face cream, Shea Butter diaper cream, Calming massage oil and Nourishing massage oil.

All BabySpa products are 98% to 100% natural and free of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, polyethylene glycol, bisphenol A and mineral oils. The company stated that its manufacturing practices are environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly with no use of animal testing.

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