Awareness of probiotics escalates

In a 2010 survey, 73% of consumers correctly defined probiotics.

NEW YORK — The health benefits associated with probiotics already are well-known. A 2010 MaCorr Research consumer survey reported that 73% of consumers correctly suggested that “probiotics are used to help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestine,” when asked to define the supplement. Awareness of the health benefits associated with probiotics in 2010 was similar among the general population, as well as among people with digestive health concerns, 73% and 82%, respectively.

That’s a big gain in three years, MaCorr reported. In 2007, only 47% of general consumers were able to correctly identify probiotics’ health benefits. A lot of the credit for that increase in awareness goes to Danone. The company successfully pitched Activia, its probiotics-rich yogurt, using spokeswoman Jamie Lee Curtis. And in 2009, advertising maven Procter & Gamble launched its Align probiotics supplement. 

And as of June, Schiff Nutrition, makers of Move Free and MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil, will be adding its voice to the mix. Schiff acquired the probiotics brands Sustenex and Digestive Advantage because of the significant growth potential — on an annualized basis, the category is up by more than 20%, Schiff reported, citing the Nutrition Business Journal.

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