Avril Lavigne joins Proactiv as spokeswoman

PALM DESERT, Calif. Singer Avril Lavigne is the latest celebrity to endorse Proactiv acne-fighting products.

"After trying everything -- from toothpaste to rubbing alcohol, men's aftershave to tea tree oil -- I started using Proactiv. Fortunately, it really worked for me. Today, I still use Proactiv to help keep my skin clear," stated Lavigne, who recently signed with Guthy-Renker to play a key role in the launch of the new Proactiv.

"I think it's gutsy for Avril to talk about acne and her Proactiv story, but she wanted to do it, and she wanted to do it in a plain-speaking, matter-of-fact way that is relatable," stated Lenny Lieberman, head of Guthy-Renker Studio, producer of new ads.

Other celebrities who have shared their acne stories and spoken out for Proactiv include Julianne Hough of "Dancing With The Stars," actress Melissa Claire Egan and Miss America 2006 Jennifer Berry.

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