Avion Pharmaceuticals launches prescription supplements Prenate Enhance and Prenate Restore

ATLANTA — Avion Pharmaceuticals on Tuesday announced the launch of two advanced vitamin formulations as the newest additions to the Prenate Vitamin Family — Prenate Enhance and Prenate Restore.

The new prescription supplements have been designed to support important nutritional supplementation for women during their prenatal and postpartum period, as well as provide the optimal level of vitamins and minerals recommended.

"Avion is excited to be a leader in innovation for the women's health category by providing two new prescription supplements that have been formulated based on expert recommendations for nutritional supplementation for women both pregnant and postpartum," stated Mike Sullivan, VP sales and marketing for Avion Pharmaceuticals. "Prenate Enhance and Prenate Restore were designed for nutritional support for both moms and babies during this important period in their life."

Prenate Enhance and Prenate Restore are advanced prescription dietary supplements designed for enhanced absorption with ingredients selected for their high absorbability.

Prenate Restore, the first prescription postnatal dietary supplement with probiotics, designed for postpartum supplementation, helps support the needs of both moms and babies post-pregnancy when nutritional stores can often be depleted.

Prenate Enhance and Prenate Restore provide the highest DHA content (400 mg) among leading prescription prenatal and postnatal vitamins, according to the company, and also include Formical (calcium formate), a patented form of calcium that is better absorbed than calcium citrate and calcium carbonate. And both products provide proprietary Quatrefolic, a source of folate that is approximately seven times more bioavailable than folic acid.

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