Avion Pharmaceuticals launches new prenatal chewable vitamin

ATLANTA — Avion Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company, recently announced the launch of Prenate Chewable, a chewable, chocolate-flavored version of the original Prenate prescription prenatal vitamin.

A further example of Avion Pharmaceutical's ongoing commitment to support the Ob/Gyn community, Prenate Chewable provides an innovative – and tasty – option for women who may prefer an alternative method of taking their medications. The new Prenate Chewable includes taste-masking technology to ensure there is no aftertaste, so the patient will only experience the Dutch chocolate flavor.

"Choices are beneficial for patients who must take a prenatal vitamin daily. Prenate Chewable offers a flavorful alternative that will help women maintain compliance with this critically important regimen," stated Mike Sullivan, vice president of sales and marketing for Avion Pharmaceuticals.

"Avion is dedicated to providing innovation that offers ease of use and ease of adherence. Prenate Chewable offers both. We will continue to introduce products that deliver maximum benefit along the continuum of care in women's lives," added Avion Pharmaceuticals CEO Mark Pugh. "Understanding women's health and matching products that deliver positive support will help ensure improved lifestyles for women of all ages and life stages."

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