Avant sees positive resutls on combined vaccine

NEEDHAM, Mass. Avant Immunotherapeutics has released preclinical data showing positive immunogenicity and lack of immune interference for an experimental single-dose, oral vaccine combining protection from three causes of severe enteric diseases: typhoid fever, enterotoxigenic E. coli and cholera.

The experimental, trivalent vaccine consists of the co-administration of two live-attenuated bacteria: the Peru-15pCTB vaccine candidate that forms the basis of Avant’s investigational combination ETEC/cholera vaccine and the company’s investigational typhoid fever vaccine, Ty800.

“Demonstrating a lack of vaccine interference is an important step in the development of a “Super-enteric” vaccine capable of combining rapid protection against multiple disease agents in a single, oral dose,” said Una Ryan, president and chief executive officer of Avant Immunotherapeutics.  “Vaccines that protect against multiple diseases with a single dose are highly valued in all target markets, including travelers, military and people in developing countries where these diseases are widespread.”

The company recently announced that the National Institutes of Health will be sponsoring a Phase 1 clinical trial of the Peru-15pCTB vaccine combining protection against ETEC and cholera in 2008, and Ty800 is currently undergoing Phase 2 clinical testing.

“If the results of these current clinical studies are successful, the preclinical data presented today pave the way for initial human clinical testing of a trivalent Super-enteric vaccine,” commented Ryan.

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