Authorities say Chinese government was warned about food production standards

SHIJIAZHUANG, China Chinese authorities have said that the country’s food producers as well as bureaucrats had plenty of warnings about poor safety and quality standards in food and drug production, but failed to respond before milk contaminated with an industry additive called melamine was used in products such as baby formula and candy, The New York Times today reported.

China’s Prime Minister Wen Jiabao had promised about a year ago to initiate a nationwide review of safety standard for food, drug and other consumables made in China to assure that regulations were kept and safety standard maintained, reports said. Additionally, the Chinese government put $1.1 billion towards inspecting food and drug production companies and assigned 300,000 inspectors

Prime Minister Wen publically apologized for the release of the tainted baby formula to market which has so far led to 53,000 reports of children getting sick and at least three deaths. Analysts have also said that the scandal has devastated the dairy industry in China, according to reports.

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