Aura Cacia product now available in recyclable jar

URBANA, Iowa Looking to offer consumers a more sustainable option, Aura Cacia has announced that its soothing organic milk oat bath now is available in a 9.75-oz. recyclable jar.

Last year, Aura Cacia teamed up with Organic Valley to develop an all-organic milk and oat bath made with 100% pure, organic lavender essential oil, available in a 1.75-oz. packet.


"Following up on the success of our single-use, 1.75-oz. packets, we're now offering consumers a more sustainable option -- a larger 9.75-oz. recyclable jar for multiple bath treatments," stated Jane Merten, senior brand manager. "We've also included Organic Valley's logo on the packaging, as consumers know and trust the brand."


Aura Cacia's soothing organic milk oat bath is certified organic according to USDA standards, the company stated. Each recyclable 9.75-oz. jar has a suggested retail price of $15.99.

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