Aubrey natural skin care products launches new product line

TAMPA, Fla. — Aubrey, established in 1967, a natural skin care company, has developed an extensive new collection of 100% natural skin care products, which include offerings for every skin type, budget and need. Aubrey has formulated the most effective blends of all-natural ingredients to create this problem-targeted line of skin care designed to produce specific results without the presence of harmful synthetic substances.

As with every product Aubrey develops, this new line of skin care systems begins with the finest herbals and pure plant extracts taken responsibly from nature, always from organic and fair trade sources, with no petrochemicals or harmful additives of any kind, and never tested on animals. The company hand-crafts all of its products, mixed by people — not machines — in small 50-gallon batches, and ships daily to ensure freshness. Aubrey’s newest formulations remain authentic, uncomplicated and true to the brand’s integrity.

“In 1967, Aubrey Hampton started more than our company — he started a movement in truly natural hair, skin and body care,” said Curt Valva, Aubrey president & CEO. “He knew nature had all the answers. And he passionately believed, in the one world we share, that we are all part of nature, and we are all connected. Through this new product launch and everything we create, we proudly stay true to these ideals. What we make and how we make it is all about caring for people, respecting the land and its inhabitants, and preserving nature for future generations.”

As pioneers of its industry, Aubrey stays actively involved in setting industry standards. “We help set standards, and we adhere to those standards without compromise. We also proudly share our knowledge to help consumers make informed choices about their natural beauty products,” Valva added.

The new Aubrey skin care products offer a full range of items for every age and skin type:

Revitalizing Therapy

Designed for dry, mature skin, the Revitalizing Therapy regimen is made with organic rosa mosqueta rose hip seed oil. This moisture-intensive skin care line firms and hydrates parched skin, giving a softer, smoother appearance.

  • Revitalizing Therapy Cleanser ($14.95)
  • Revitalizing Therapy Toner ($14.95)
  • Revitalizing Therapy Moisturizer ($22.50)
  • Revitalizing Therapy Gel Mask ($14.95)

Age-Defying Therapy

Infused with sea buckthorn oil — a key ingredient that Aubrey was the first in the country to introduce in skin care products in 1999 — the Age-Defying Therapy line is an antioxidant skin care line that refines skin and improves texture to reduce wrinkles. Designed for all skin types, this regimen fights the signs of aging while restoring moisture.

  • Age-Defying Therapy Cleanser ($14.95)
  • Age-Defying Therapy Toner ($14.95)
  • Age-Defying Therapy Moisturizer ($22.50)
  • Age-Defying Therapy AHA Mask ($14.95)

Calming Skin Therapy

Ideal for sensitive skin, the Calming Skin Therapy regimen hydrates and reduces redness. Aloe and sea aster calm irritated, stressed or sensitive skin, leaving it firmer and moisturized.

  • Calming Skin Therapy Cleanser ($14.95)
  • Calming Skin Therapy Toner ($14.95)
  • Calming Skin Therapy Moisturizer ($22.50)
  • Calming Skin Therapy Hydrating Mask ($14.95)
  • Calming Skin Therapy Cleansing Wipe ($6.99)

Clarifying Therapy

Formulated with salicylic acid, the Clarifying Therapy line is an acne control system that balances and purifies skin. Without drying skin, this regimen calms blemishes and controls shine, leaving it smooth and moisturized.

  • Clarifying Therapy Cleanser ($12.95)
  • Clarifying Therapy Toner ($12.95)
  • Clarifying Therapy Moisturizer ($16.95)
  • Clarifying Therapy Clay Mask ($12.95)
  • Clarifying Therapy Acne Control ($9.99)

Everyday Basics

This is a gentle cleansing and moisturizing line designed for everyday use on all skin types. With a cleanser and moisturizer for both dry skin and oily/combination skin, the simplicity of this regimen appeals to every skin need.

  • Everyday Cleansing Cream ($9.95)
  • Everyday Gel Cleanser ($9.95)
  • Everyday Dry Skin Moisturizer ($9.95)
  • Everyday Daily Skin Moisturizer ($9.95)

Defense Moisturizer

This broad spectrum moisturizer provides protection against environmental aggressors and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The light lotion uses organic blue green algae — an ingredient that in 1999, Aubrey was first in the country to use in skincare products.           

  • SPF 15 Defense Moisturizer ($22.50)

Special Care

High in antioxidants, this line provides added moisture, protection and uses certified organic or natural ingredients. With a product for every skin type, this clinically tested night crème and group of serums treats aging, dull, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

  • Revitalizing Therapy Night Crème ($23.50)
  • Revitalizing Therapy Serum ($13.63)
  • Age Defying Serum ($14.95)
  • Calming Skin Therapy Serum ($9.98)

Eye Crème

Designed for all skin types, this rejuvenating and firming eye crème helps fight wrinkles and under eye puffiness.

  • Lumessence Eye Crème ($26.50)

Renewal Cream

With a lightweight, quick absorbing formula, this firming renewal cream rejuvenates and protects skin from harsh irritants.

  • Lumessence Lift Firming Cream ($33.50)

Repair Cream

Made with clinically proven rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle ingredients, this luxurious and rich moisturizer can be used day or evening.

  • Collagen Restorative Moisturizer ($22.50)

Complexion Mist

Available in two scents, Chamomile and Lavender, these soothing facial mists provide skin with 24-hour hydration.

  • Sparkling Mineral Water Complexion Mist Chamomile ($7.98)
  • Sparkling Mineral Water Complexion Mist Lavender ($7.98)

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