Ateb licenses Walgreens' entire portfolio of prescription alignment patents

RALEIGH, N.C. — Ateb on Thursday announced it has reached an agreement to license Walgreens' entire portfolio of prescription alignment patents in an effort to continue to improve overall health care, demonstrate the value of medication synchronization and increase patient adherence rates.
By securing this licensing, Ateb has insured that its customers may continue to use Ateb's Time My Meds solution. Time My Meds helps patients improve their overall health and gives pharmacists the opportunity to administer additional services, such as immunizations, comprehensive medication reviews and wellness programs. Ateb’s Adherence Solutions for pharmacy help increase medication adherence, generate prescription sales and improve patient loyalty, the company noted.
"The time to focus on the way pharmacy impacts how health care is delivered is now, and Ateb believes pharmacy is the best solution for affordable, effective health care," the company stated. "As trusted, accessible healthcare experts, pharmacists are perfectly positioned to advise patients on their medication therapy and guide patients to better healthcare outcomes."
Ateb reported more than 250,000 patients are already being managed in Time My Meds, and pharmacies using Time My Meds continue to deliver increased patient medication adherence rates and improved patient health.
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