AstraZeneca takes on depression

WILMINGTON, Del. AstraZeneca is launching a new campaign focused on depression, the Anglo-Swedish drug maker said Thursday.


The campaign, “Take on Depression,” consists of a Facebook page and Twitter feed designed to provide information on bipolar depression and major depressive disorder.



“AstraZeneca believes the best way to help those who are still struggling with bipolar depression and major depressive disorder is to provide them with resources and tools to help understand their illness and manage their symptoms,” AstraZeneca executive director and commercial brand leader Sandy Sommer said. “With the launch of these Facebook and Twitter pages, AstraZeneca hopes to amplify conversations about mental health and provide important health information in innovative ways.”



Drugs the company manufactures for depression include Seroquel (quetiapine) and Vivalan (viloxazine hydrochloride).


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