AstraZeneca announces plans to provide more company information on its Web site

WILMINGTON, Del. AstraZeneca has announced plans to make its U.S. business more public, by sharing more company information and to make other information more noticeable on its Web site. The company is performing this in an attempt to better inform the public about how it conducts its business and how it helps patients through research and support for external organizations.

The information that will be posted includes: policy positions, political contributions, medical education grants, contributions to nonprofit organizations and post-marketing study commitments and will make clinical trials and compliance programs more visible.

Currently, AstraZeneca posts details of its clinical trials and compliance programs and its policy positions. In the second quarter of this year, it plans on adding political contributions in accord with its Federal Election Commission filings. By the fall of this year, third-party contributions, medical education grants and post-marketing study commitments will be featured on the site.

“We believe in providing information to the public about our company, our products and how we do business as part of our commitment to improving patient health and corporate responsibility,” said David Nicoli, vice president of corporate affairs at AstraZeneca. “This important information will help the public better understand significant aspects of our business.”

AstraZeneca’s U.S. Web site address is,

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