Ascensia Diabetes Care celebrates 30 women as part of World Diabetes Day recognition

Ascensia Diabetes Care, based out of Basel, Switzerland, is showing its support for World Diabetes Day 2017 by publishing 30 portraits of inspiring women who are making significant contributions to advancing diabetes care. The theme of World Diabetes Day is Women and Diabetes, and through this initiative, Ascensia aims to raise global awareness of diabetes and help to amplify the messages of the International Diabetes Federation.

"We are excited to be celebrating World Diabetes Day 2017 by showcasing the amazing women who have had a profound impact on diabetes," stated Michael Kloss, president and CEO Ascensia Diabetes Care. "As a company who are focused only on diabetes, we are proud to lend our support to raising awareness of this condition and what better way to celebrate World Diabetes Day than highlighting inspiring women who have and will continue to make a substantial difference for people with diabetes. We hope that the artworks of these inspiring women will capture the attention of the public and help to raise awareness of diabetes globally on this critical awareness day."

"We are excited to be celebrating World Diabetes Day 2017 by showcasing the amazing women who have had a profound impact on diabetes.”

Pictured above is Kittie Wyne, American endocrinologist, lecturer and clinician. Wyne is an endocrinologist at Ohio State, specializing in type 1 diabetes, and was recently named in the Castle Connolly list of America’s Top Doctors for 2017. She is passionate about helping type 1 diabetes patients manage and monitor their condition with a personalized approach to care and organizes community-based activities and programs to provide networking opportunities for type 1 diabetes patients and their families. Wyne also works with students with diabetes through Ohio State’s chapter of the College Diabetes Network.

The portraits of women from around the world have been individually painted by hand on tablet devices. They will be published online and via social media to engage members of the public and mobilize them to support World Diabetes Day 2017.

The World Diabetes Day theme highlights that diabetes continues to be a critical global health issue for women, despite the progress that has been made. Through this theme the International Diabetes Federation is promoting the importance of affordable and equitable access for women with diabetes. Currently, one in 10 women around the world live with diabetes. Many do not have access to the right education, treatment or care, leading to badly managed diabetes, which can lead to serious complications. Over 199 million women are living with diabetes, a figure that is expected to rise to 313 million by 2040.


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