The Art of Shaving (self) makeover

Acenter table promotes The Art of Shaving’s four-part Perfect Shave platform.

MIAMI —The Art of Shaving stores are in the midst of a makeover, as the rollout of a new store design continues across Procter & Gamble’s chain of 39 men’s grooming stores. The centerpiece of the new design is the center table, which promotes The Art of Shaving’s Four Elements of the Perfect Shave platform: prepare, lather up, shave and moisturize. The design firm Pompei A.D. has redeveloped the branding experience for each of The Art of Shaving’s new and existing retail locations. To date, updates have been completed in 7 existing stores, and 5 new stores have opened. Pompei A.D. is currently completing documentation for the design of all the 30 existing stores that some additional new stores, all to be opened in 2011.

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