Armada Health Care launches new web application solution for specialty pharmacy industry

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Armada Health Care, a provider for channel management solutions, commercialization strategies, and support services for the specialty pharmaceutical industry, has announced the launch of a new specialty pharmacy software solution called Vision Armada Analytics.

The tool, which supports multiple pharmacy platforms for API integration, tracks a specialty drug's path prior to initiation of treatment (pre-dispensed data), during the intake and referral processes, and after the drug has been dispensed. The new platform also allows specialty pharmacies to measure and validate a patient's response to therapy.

The module can offer access to drug dispensing data, drug utilization data, and de-identified patient demographic data that can be utilized by various interested stakeholders: specialty pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, home infusion pharmacies, payers, pharmacy retailers, physicians, hospitals, and other health care groups tracking adherence and specialty drug compliance, the company stated.

Vision was developed to provide a real-time drilldown of how and where prescriptions are being filled to allow for better management of patients and specialty products. The web-based interface provides data about patient intake, days-to-fill, sales and dispensing information. Other capabilities include hub-based data capturing, tools for predictive analysis, spreadsheet exports, messaging and notifications.

"The Vision module enables pharmacies to perform real-time data analysis through a secure, HIPAA-compliant connection," stated Howard Barsky, chief information technology officer at Armada Health Care. "With Vision, we are able to provide true metrics for pharmacies and manufacturers to help them perform pre-dispensed data workflow analyses within a platform tightly integrated with our other proprietary tools: the ReachRx Online Therapy Management web application, Armada's Specialty Pharmacy Network, and ApproveRx, our comprehensive prior authorization program."

Vision's pre- and post-claims data can be used as a marker of patient adherence and compliance levels that health care providers can monitor through the program's dashboard in order to anticipate and mitigate potential barriers to proper treatment with complex biologics, the company stated. These metrics may also help manufacturers make conclusions about usage and help company brand teams formulate sales strategies based on utilization and reimbursement trends on a region-by-region basis. In addition, the Vision Armada Analytics application also offers visibility into the insurance plan benefit design and co-pay programs associated with a specialty therapy.


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