Arctic Ease innovates the cold pack section with new reusable compression pack

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. — Arctic Ease recently rolled out a new compression wrap that cools skin to an optimal healing temperature of just above 59 degrees without ice or refrigeration.  

Arctic Ease relies on a proprietary thermodynamic technology that absorbs heat from the body using a patented blend of custom woven cotton substrates, water and inert materials that remain cool to the touch for three hours of therapy. Unlike ice bags and cold compresses, Arctic Ease, which is applied like a common compression wrap, can be worn under clothing, while wearing shoes or when on the go.

Arctic Ease wraps can be reused eight to 10 times with proper care, the company claimed, and can be used before, during and after exercise. They are odorless and contain no additives, medications, menthol or alcohol, and stay at a temperature just above 59 degrees, so they can safely be worn for hours.

Arctic Ease has developed a following among endurance and performance athletes, their trainers and coaches, the company noted. 

A study published in the Winter 2012 issue of the Journal of Special Operations Medicine found that Arctic Ease dramatically reduced pain against a control group. Arctic Ease was invented by Carol Forden, who tore her MCL in 2007 and struggled to stay active while wearing a brace and trying to comply with ice therapy. “It was simply impossible,” she stated. “My knee would swell on every airline flight I took, causing the brace to tighten uncomfortably. My doctors told me to ice it, but that’s impossible at 30,000 feet or with an active lifestyle.”

Recognizing her own need, Forden decided to solve the problem. She quit her job, set up shop in the garage of her home, invested her life’s savings, and started experimenting to create a wrap that could naturally cool skin and tissue.

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