Arco Health introduces weight-loss gum

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio — Arco Health Inc. announced this week the release of a new chewing gum designed to aid users in losing weight and to keep their appetites in check. New Diet-Burst Gum is formulated to make a person feel fuller and quell cravings between meals.

Diet-Burst Gum combines Slendesta, an all-natural ingredient which promotes the body's release of cholecystoknin to make a person feel fuller, and African Mango, a dietary supplement that promotes the loss of belly fat and hip circumference.

Chewing Diet-Burst Gum releases these supplements into the body throughout the day to help burn excess body fat and reduce cravings to eat or snack. Diet-Burst Gum should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

The company currently offers a 16-count box for a SRP of $14.95 and a 32-count box for $24.95, with a 2-piece blister pack (SRP $1.95) and an 8-piece sleeve (SRP $6.95) coming soon to convenience stores.

This article has been updated with pricing information.

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