Archimedes Pharma launches Lazanda for breakthrough cancer pain

Drug uses Archimedes' patented delivery system

BEDMINSTER, N.J. — Archimedes Pharma has launched a new drug for breakthrough cancer pain, the drug maker said Monday.

Archimedes announced the launch of Lazanda (fentanyl) nasal spray for adult patients who have developed a tolerance to opioid therapy for persistent, underlying cancer pain. The drug uses Archimedes' patented PecSys delivery system, which allows the drug to be absorbed across the nasal membrane and directly into the bloodstream. The Food and Drug Administration approved the drug on June 30.

While many patients with cancer experience persistent background pain, breakthrough pain is described as an intense, excruciating pain with rapid onset and relatively short duration that can occur even if a patient is taking opioid drugs for background pain.

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