Aprecia appoints Don Wetherhold as CEO

Wetherhold returns to Aprecia from Omnicare

MASON, Ohio — Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Co. has appointed Don Wetherhold as its CEO, the company said Monday.

Wetherhold is returning to Aprecia after a term as SVP long-term care at Omnicare; prior to that, he was Aprecia's corporate commercialization officer.

"We are thrilled to have Don back at Aprecia, and we look forward to the leadership he will bring to this role," Aprecia chairman E. Thomas Arington. "Don was instrumental in devising our commercialization strategy at Aprecia."

Aprecia's main product is ZipDose, a fast-melting drug-delivery technology.

"I'm excited to be back at Aprecia for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the rare opportunity to be the first at something and redefine a market, which is what our breakthrough 3DP product development and manufacturing system has the potential to do," Wheterhold said.


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