The Apothecary Shops seeks to breathe new life into business, double sales

LOS ANGELES The Apothecary Shops hopes to double sales at a pharmacy it bought in Los Angeles last year, the specialty pharmacy chain said Wedneday.

Last January, the company bought the 30-year-old, 1,800-sq.-ft. Horton & Converse Pharmacy, renovating and reopening it. Under Apothecary Shops management, the pharmacy generated $960,000 in sales for 2009. This year, the company projects, the pharmacy could generate $2.05 million by leveraging the Apothecary Shops’ focus on such specialty areas as HIV, transplants, cancer, fertility, pain and compounding. The pharmacy is the company’s 16th and its first in California.

“The Los Angeles market is a critical component in our overall strategic growth plan,” Apothecary Shops president Keith Cook said. “The needs of the region’s diverse population continue to grow for quality pharmaceuticals in a range of specialties.”

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