APMA recommends Health Enterprises product for runners

BETHESDA, Md. The American Podiatric Medical Association recently issued a series of recommendations for runners, including the use of a self-massager designed for post-athletic activities. Specifically, the association recommended Health Enterprises’ therapeutic hot-and-cold foot massager, a product that carries the APMA seal of approval.


"Some of the most common running-related foot injuries that today’s podiatrists treat are arch pain, tendonitis and blisters," stated APMA president Kathleen Stone. “However, if runners can take just a few minutes to stretch properly pre-workout, select appropriate footwear and see a podiatrist immediately when foot pain occurs, many of these ailments can be avoided entirely.”



Other recommendations made by APMA included selecting a good running shoe, selecting good socks and stretching for five to 10 minutes prior to a run. Frequent runners should see a podiatrist on a regular basis to maximize any running program and prevent serious injury, the association added.


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