APhA: Pharmacists can be go-to resource during cough-cold-flu season

WASHINGTON — Addressing the need for patients to follow good health practices during cough-cold-flu season, the American Pharmacists Association is encouraging consumers to consult with their local pharmacist on ways to maintain well-being.

APhA said that a pharmacist can help patients with such things as:

  • Getting a flu shot — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend all persons ages 6 months or older receive a flu vaccine. The vaccine is available throughout the flu season, or as long as supply lasts;

  • Identifying the differences between a common cold and the flu — A pharmacist can discuss symptoms with patients and offer advice on the best course of action;

  • Suggesting the best over-the-counter medications — By providing a pharmacist with a list of all the medications a consumer currently is taking (and any over-the-counter products he or she has already used) and the results achieved, a pharmacist can assist a patient with what medications (if any) would be most effective; and

  • Offering a recommendation when a healthcare provider should be seen.

Earlier this month, the APhA encouraged consumers to clean out their medicine cabinets and properly dispose of unused or expired medications.

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