A&P teams up with Zavers to offer customers mobile coupons

KANSAS CITY, Kan. A&P has joined forces with a digital incentive and information management company to offer customers mobile coupons.

Beginning this month, A&P shoppers can use Zavers' "text and save" mobile coupon offering through a media platform the company said, "is a unique combination of innovative technology and consumer simplicity."

"Consumers today want immediate gratification, and with the Zavers mobile platform there is no delay -- users can find, save, and redeem coupons at the moment of the truth, instantly in the store. This is a difference-maker for our product advertisers, retailers and shoppers," said Zavers chief marketing officer Anita Newton.

In addition to A&P, other stores have begun using Zavers’ mobile platform as part of the Red Tag Online Savings program, including Waldbaum’s and SuperFresh, the Online Advantage Program at Pathmark and the Fresh Online Savings program at The Food Emporium.

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