A&P shows appreciation for seniors

Grocer kicks off savings program at banner stores

MONTVALE, N.J. — Grocer A&P is launching a discount program that offers seniors savings on groceries purchased at A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaum's, Food Emporium and Superfresh banner stores.

On April 4, the company is launching its "Senior Appreciation Days" program, starting with "Senior Appreciation Mondays," a new special discount program for seniors in all Pathmark banner stores.

Through the program, every Monday, customers older than 55 years will be able to save 5% on their grocery purchases of more than $30, excluding pharmacy items, milk, tobacco products, beer, wine and spirits.

On April 5, the company also will launch "Senior Appreciation Tuesdays" with the same eligibility requirements for customers at Superfresh stores in and around Baltimore, Md., and at all A&P, Food Emporium and remaining Superfresh stores on April 19.

Senior Appreciation Mondays at Pathmark and Senior Appreciation Tuesdays at A&P, Food Emporium and Superfresh are modeled after a similar program currently available to Waldbaum's shoppers ages 55 years and older. Eligible shoppers at all Waldbaum's stores now can receive 5% off of their grocery purchases on Senior Appreciation Tuesdays. The Waldbaum's program also excludes pharmacy items, milk, tobacco products, beer, wine and spirits.

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