Anheuser-Busch set to launch Natty Rush malt beverage

ST. LOUIS — Anheuser Busch is readying itself for the launch of its latest malt beverage product. Adding to its line of Natural Ice products, the company be introducing its Natty Rush line of three malt drinks this fall.

“We can confirm the launch of our newest line — Natty RUSH — will take place this fall,” Anheuser-Busch VP value and near beer brands Chelsea Phillips said. “More to come as we get closer to the product being in stores, but this is an exciting innovation that will offer three distinct and bold flavors, which we're confident are going to be a big hit with consumers.”

The three flavors are Hurricane Punch, Watermelon Smash and Blue Frostbite, all of which at 8% alcohol-by-volume and will be sold in 25-oz. cans. The new line appears to be looking to give Four Loko — whose similar products are between 10% and 12% ABV — a run for its money. It also will offer a counterpart to Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light Lime-A-Rita products.

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