Anheuser-Busch presents new flavor for spring season

ST. LOUIS Anheuser-Busch unveiled a new addition to its plethora of seasonal beers, Sun Dog Amber Wheat, to be sold this spring.

According to published reports, Sun Dog contains 5.3 percent alcohol by volume and consists a blend of wheat and pale barley malts, caramel malts and yeast fermented at around 65 to 75 degrees, which helps enhance the beer’s fruity aroma. The beer also features ingredients like the Cascade and Williamette hops from the Pacific Northwest, and the Hallertu from Southern Germany that give the ale its special aroma and citrus flavor.

“Wheat beers are one of my favorite styles to brew because of their versatility,” Florian Kuplent, brewmaster at Anheuser-Busch said. “From Bavarian to Belgian to American, each style has its own color, aroma and taste. Our take on the American amber wheat ale is a luminous deep amber color with a slight caramel sweetness and refreshing citrus note.”

Sun Dog Amber Wheat will be available in six-packs at grocery and convenience stores, as well as pubs, and feature a dog wearing sunglasses alongside a bright red Frisbee.

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