Amylin launches SymlinPen for Type 2 diabetes

SAN DIEGO Amylin Pharmaceuticals has released its new prescription device, the SymlinPen 120 and 60 pen-injector devices for administering the blood sugar controlling drug Symlin. The new devices feature simple, fixed dosing to improve mealtime glucose control.

The SymlinPen 120 features fixed dosing to deliver 60 or 120 micrograms of Symlin per dose. The SymlinPen 60 features fixed dosing to deliver 15, 30, 45, or 60 micrograms of Symlin per dose. Both pen-injector devices can be conveniently stored at room temperature not to exceed 86 degrees F after first use.

“Symlin offers enhanced blood glucose control with potential weight loss for patients with diabetes using mealtime insulin, enabling them to do more to manage their diabetes,” said Daniel M. Bradbury, president and chief executive officer, Amylin Pharmaceuticals. “The convenience of the new SymlinPen with simple, fixed dosing will make it easier for these patients using multiple daily injections to start and stay with Symlin.”

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