Amstel Light emphasizes full 'bier' taste with new campaign

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Amstel Light is focusing on its roots in a new advertising campaign.

The Bier Drinker's Light features Amstel brewers as the image and "voice" of the campaign, conveying the idea that Amstel Light is the only light beer with full "bier" taste.

The campaign, which kicked off this week, is being extended through print, online and digital ads, as well as through Facebook.

"Being The Bier Drinker's Light today is more relevant than ever," Amstel Light VP marketing Colin Westcott-Pitt. "With the craft and specialty beers booming, and so many new styles to explore, the number of adult consumers who take pride in being truly discerning 'beer drinkers' is greater every day. The Bier Drinker's Light is a nod to those consumers, acknowledging their passion for great beer flavor and the art of brewing, and understanding that during a light beer occasion, they shouldn't have to sacrifice any of that."

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