AmLactin's newest lotion features AHAs, ceramides

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy skin care has introduced its new AmLactin Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion, formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids and essential ceramides.

Making its retail debut at select Wal-Mart and Walgreens stores, AmLactin Cerapeutic contains the intensely hydrating, patented Ultraplex formula to exfoliate, and three skin identical ceramides that work together to strengthen skin’s protective moisture barrier for softer, more resilient skin.

AmLactin moisturizers contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which are effective at exfoliating and hydrating the skin. AmLactin formulas also contain emollients and humectants that help retain skin’s natural moisture and draw water to the skin, so it looks and feels soft and smooth. The AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy skin care line includes AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion, AmLactin Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion, AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream (formerly AmLactin XL) and AmLactin Foot Cream.

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