American Health Care establishes pharmacist care network across Missouri

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Pharmacists in the Show-Me State have a new opportunity to demonstrate — and be paid for — their ability to help patients achieve measurable progress in fighting several chronic conditions, the National Community Pharmacists Association, the Missouri Pharmacy Association and the Missouri Pharmacist Care Network announced Tuesday.

With the help of such pharmacy organizations as the NCPA, MPA and MO-PCN, American Health Care is establishing a pharmacist care network across Missouri. NCPA is now accepting applications from community pharmacists who want to be part of the network and provide disease state management services to qualified patients. The program is intended to enhance patient well-being and to build to the body of evidence that pharmacist-provided disease management services can improve patient outcomes and lower costs for employers, health plans and accountable care organizations. 

Pharmacists participating in the network as care managers, or “coaches,” meet every one to three months with patients, help them work toward concrete health goals and record the pharmacist’s efforts through an easy-to-use, Web-based platform. Pharmacists would be compensated for documented cases. Such chronic diseases as diabetes, hypertension and lipid management are expected to be among the focal points, although the exact range of conditions treated will be determined by the employers and/or health plans with which AHC contracts. 

“Community pharmacists are highly trained and are overwhelmingly trusted by patients, putting these providers in an ideal position to play a larger role in the U.S. healthcare system,” Douglas Hoey, NCPA CEO, stated. “The opportunity for pharmacists should only grow more substantial as more Americans are expected to gain healthcare coverage and the primary care shortage becomes more acute. This program offers Missouri pharmacists a prime opportunity to improve patient lives, grow their business and further prove the value that all community pharmacists present to health plans and their sponsors.”

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