American Greetings introduces new interactive cards

CLEVELAND American Greetings Corp has introduced a collection of new cards with fun interactive features, music, and motion sure to delight recipients.

The new cards are sold in special displays marked Lights, Sound, Action and have an array of features, some of which are turned on with special "fun buttons" on the cards. Offerings featuring these "fun buttons" include everything from choose-your-own-punch-line sound cards, to cards that let the recipient remix the audio, to options that incorporate motion with sound and music.

"Our goal was to add to the fun, and give both the sender and the recipient something to smile about," said Carol Miller, executive director of new product concepts at American Greetings. "Our new line of cards showcase a variety of innovative features that enhance the greeting card experience ultimately making funny cards even funnier. We know that shoppers will get as much of a kick out of playing with them as sending them."

One card featuring multiple buttons allows the recipient to "pick their birthday bliss." Consumers are invited to let their imagination run free while contemplating the options. Once the recipient makes a selection they'll hear a sound clip related to the picture. For example, pushing the button under the shopping scene results in a joyous "Shoe shopping! Shoe shopping! Shoe shopping!" chant.

Another card gives consumers a button that can speed up the audio on a traditional sound or music offering. This ability to "produce" your own sound track can lead to a hilarious remix that can be enjoyed over and over again.

In addition to these interactive enhancements, new licenses and characters add to the lighthearted nature of the cards. From the popular baby rapping trio to The Three Stooges, Larry the Cable Guy, and Mr. Rogers, the cards have personality to spare.

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