American Greetings debuts "Sweet Stuff" card line

Cards include detachable magnets

CLEVELAND — American Greetings has a new line of cards that include detachable, musical felt magnets in the shape of cartoon characters.

The company announced the launch of the Sweet Stuff cards, which include characters like Cup-Katie, Peacefully Polly, Tequila Terry and Wesley Whip.

"We know that when it comes to celebrating birthdays, it's all about offering them a big smile, and these adorable, musical magnets really deliver, as they bring some of our favorite things to life with these adorable characters," American Greetings executive director of new product concepts Carol Miller said. "Cute stuff, fun stuff, silly stuff, happy stuff — all the best stuff comes to life with Sweet Stuff. And best yet, that happy feeling can live on as they place the magnet proudly on the fridge and get to experience a little happy moment whenever they want."


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